Batalion Ochrony Bazy w Redzikowie
The Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base in Redzikowo

The Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base in Redzikowo was established in January 2015 and after 6 months of the formation process unit achieved combat readiness.

To commemorate this moment the BATTALION’S DAY is celebrated on the 30TH JUNE.

The Polish Force Protection Battalion’s Commander is Colonel Piotr LEWANDOWSKI.

Battalion‘s subordinated companies include:
  • HQ battalion,
  • 1 x force protection company,
  • 1 x support company,
  • 1 x military fire brigade.


Looking at the chain of command of the Polish Armed Forces the Polish Force Protection Battalion  is a military unit, subordinated to the Chief of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support in Bydgoszcz.
It is located on the tactical / operation level - the same as the Regional Logistic Bases and Logistic Brigades. 


The main tasks of the Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base is to deal with Protection and Security of the Base and the whole package of a Host Nation Support to the U.S. component on the territory of the Base, Poland followed arrangements stated in 21 x Implementing Agreements to the SOFA Supplemental.




The battalion has also several cooperative tasks with local non-military organisation such as crisis management in case of natural disaster, a terrorist attack or an industrial technical breakdown. Today, the battalion is on the process of having its own banner, that will be donated by distinguished designation. That  makes him close to local authorities and population.



Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base has three symbols:


  • THE BADGE with Maltese cross which refers to the tradition of knightly virtues and a silver knight's helmet and silver sword crossed. We wear it on the front pocket of our parade uniform.
  • THE BADGE with the knight’s shield shape in the colors white and red and two crossed swords that we wear on our sleeves, parade and combat uniforms.



Contact  us:


Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base





Temporary location:

ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 44, 76-200 SŁUPSK





Final location:

Al. 28 pułku lotnictwa myśliwskiego, 76-204 SŁUPSK 6





Fax: +48 261 458 660






Press officer:


NCN / Duty: +48 261 458 670

Handy: +48 605 738 391







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